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Hello everyone, welcome to our new website.
We continue to travel around the country to check the hotels, restaurants, and have some other measures on travel management news for next season. (See our last report on our website)

We want to give you some important information about the management of your upcoming trips. Regarding the hotel, the hotel infrastructure is relatively good in Myanmar but unfortunately numerically insufficient for the more tourist season. We have excellent relationships with hoteliers and their directors who support us their best. We will do everything to help you in your various hotel requirements.

Equally important, we advise you to check the pricing of hotels with us and the websites direct sales, there are often differences in your favor through Gulliver.
information on the visa online : see website http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/

Thank you to contact us for our trips and map new programs honeymoon, border crossings, golf trips, bike trips, various trekking, cruises, etc. There are a multitude of festivals and celebrations in Myanmar. We advise you to contact us for more details according to your wishes.

Do not be surprised but you will need some patience for visits in Yangon because following the opening of the country and licenses for vehicles, Yangon suffered the same problems of any large city: the plugs, and the work in more…

Be vigilant with regard to the course of the local currency which constantly: at the moment, it oscillates between 1000 and 1300 kyat to US $ 1. This can have a significant impact in the preparation of your travel budget.

Our new office address on your website. Gulliver whole team ..
Gulliver whole team ..

We meet from time to time Internet connections issues that affect our response time. We apologize.
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