The choices that you make regarding means of transportation reflect your personal preferences and needs. You can travel safely in Burma using a broad range of transport, from ATR planes to antiquated buses and trains, and multicoloured boats on the Irrawaddy. You will no doubt find a mode of transport that suits you, whether you are a businessman or a backpacker.

By air

In Burma, you will find an airport in each main city. Gulliver works with the safest airline companies: Air Kanbawza, Golden Myanmar and Myanmar Nataional airways. These companies connect the main tourist sites of Burma, several times per day, and they offer quality service.

By train

Like everywhere in the world, and undoubtedly even more so in Burma, trains remain the best means of transportation to immerse yourself in the rhythm of local life. Travelling by train in Burma is an amazing experience. Local people will peddle their wares and you will pass through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

By boat

More than just a river, the Irrawaddy is the backbone of Burma. Many historical events occurred on the banks of the Irrawady, especially in Bagan. Economically, it is still a major route. To travel in Burma along the Irrawady allows you to gain an insight into the history of this country and allows you to see some of the most vibrant areas in South-East Asia.

But also…

River Cruises

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Balloons - Bagan

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bus privatized

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