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ISHA TANAKA Association

Since cyclone Nargis in May 2008, the association and its volunteers are mobilizing with the generosity of donors to support the actions of Hervé Flejo to Thuzar his wife and many Burmese, in the Delta region heavily affected . (Nearly 170 000 people dead and 2 million homeless). Emergency aid and reconstruction of schools and fishing boats.

Isha Tanaka supports actions Pascale Reinhardt for life projects: micro-credit for small individual projects throughout the country – agricultural projects on the environment – orphanage in the Dry Zone: LEI THAR GONE south of Bagan

Isha Tanaka Irrawaddy Education supports the project followed by Florent Robert: Sponsor a child

That’s how it all started …

Direct aid Burma – Blog for the Burmese
What about you more than to thank everyone who participate in this blog and assistance to Burmese delta.

Gulliver logo explained that underlies Hermine Breton and at its end the Palms leaves the Bagan area.

Embassy site in France
‘s group The Embassy of France in Myanmar is very dynamic and friendly and you can count on them in case of problems.

French École Joseph Kessel Yangon
Welcome to the new site .. The French School of Joseph Kessel Yangon (founded in 1993) is a school accredited by the French State, belonging to the network of the French Secular Mission. She therefore left the largest school system in the world that allows such a student to leave Nigeria in February and go to Mexico or to Yangon continue school year following the same programs. Great team dynamic between the director and teachers not to mention the parents … Grand pleasure to leave there children.
Young passing travelers in Burma have walked on the planet, an interesting encounter …

Zawgi, the alchemist of Burma
by Jak Bazino. “In November, 1885, Mandalay, capital of the kingdom of Burma, is taken by the English. Maung Aung, guard at the Royal Palace, is the last of Aris, an esoteric sect that guards the secret of the philosopher’s stone. Fleeing the invasion, he disappears to find the Zawgyi, the immortal alchemist will cause the coming of a messianic king and the next Buddha. ”
May I also put this link in a passionate Myanmar that often comes and meet the Burmese, based in Thailand I advise you to go to meet Nathalie Aguado by his site …
Gavroche, the magazine smile countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma).

Only independent magazine in French, Gavroche, news magazine based in Bangkok in June 1994, covers news in Thailand (society, politics, culture, economy …) and Southeast Asia.Taken in 8000 copies and distributed in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and subscription in France and worldwide, Gavroche relies on a team of thirty French-speaking employees, including several news correspondents. Its readership consists primarily of the expatriate community and Francophone residents. Events, news, files, records, analyzes, comments … offers updated information and presents a wide range of free services (real estate, classifieds, French yellow pages, links …).
Another quality of information, the small newspaper is also a reference on what is happening in Thailandes and other world news.
One of the few magazines on Buddhism in France.
Jean Pierre Grandjean, another great photographer who has found the concepts of small books including one on Burma that I recommend. Nod also for Olizanes editions …
A great gentleman, endearing and boundless generosity. That you might see in the pictures from its site.
Corinne is above all a longtime friend who made ​​me discover what the black and white photo by spending a few rainy Parisian Sundays develop my pictures. Discover his personal website …
Petit link my personal ULM teacher in Thailand in Chiang May

LORD JIM: a dream of private house

Even though it has nothing to do with Myanmar, I can not help but to link an address where we spent with family and friends a few days more relaxing and meditative. (4 bedrooms, kitchen, pool)

A private house as there are many but frankly, this is the top for you to harmony with yourself and nature.

You can rent this house in this small Kho Samui Island meadows that nome Koh Phangan and still some preserved. private trips in Thailand and Asia cultural trips in Thailand and Asia

Martin Bauer and his Thai wife, they are already a reference in Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia by their cultural trips, always looking for the exceptional for the curious and passionate travelers. We are a partner of Myanmar and do not hesitate to refer you to them.

Active Thailand | Northern Trails
Another reference: Our friends long time as Mixed couples that will help you discover the chianti region, has their own way, away from the tourist, the tailor with Alex and Lynn.

Compass Films
BEAUTIFUL …. You want to know everything about elephants in Burma, the Moken southern Myanmar, then discover this beautiful site. We have been very fortunate to receive Klaus and Frederique for a few years at home in Yangon, they shared their stories, their difficulties, fed up, their determinations to 2 beautiful movies on extremely difficult issues. The result is there.
NEW: After all his years of research on elephants film is finally out … ..FANTASTIQUE … you will not have the same look on elephants.
A very friendly young couple traveling for a few months, a very interesting site for travel information.

Artisans Tour operators
Gulliver Travels joined a federation of Artisans Tour operators in South East Asia.