Insurance and Health

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We advise you to travel to Myanmar, it concerns many other countries, to bring you a travel insurance before coming.

We have often seen repayments loss of luggage or other during an international flight through insurance credit cards like Visa and others, but these assurances will not take care of cases of repatriation or hotel cancellations.


There are no mandatory vaccinations to come to Burma from europe. It is still advisable to perform the universal vaccines (diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B) and to be vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A.

If rural long stays or contact with animals, it is also advisable to be vaccinated against rabies and Japanese encephalitis.

Burma (Myanmar) is a malarious country classified in Zone 3 (highest level). It is therefore advised to follow a malaria treatment especially if you plan to go during the rainy season.Contact your doctor before you go for the most suitable to your situation medication.

The use of mosquito repellants is the best way to protect themselves (you can also use special repellent clothing, most of the bites became as through clothing).

You will find all the necessary information can be found on the government website:

Committee of medical information:
World Health Organization:
Embassy website:
International Association for Medical Assistance Travellers:


It is quite difficult to find drugs in Myanmar, even in Yangon. It is therefore advisable to carry all the usual medications especially if you follow a treatment.

Remember to take medication against diarrhea, kind and Ercefuryl … To take the first signs. Extreme caution is advised with water. It should drink only water encapsulated, purified or boiled for a few minutes. You will find generally mineral water encapsulated in the country.

List of Drugs

  • Cream against burns (type Biafine)
  • Eyedrops (preferably single-dose)
  • oral dehydration solution tablets or sachets
  • Antiseptic skin, preferably in the form of compresses conditioned to the unit and ready for use (or plastic bottle)
  • Dressings
  • Tape roll and scissors
  • Mosquito repellents (Warning, some repellents are not recommended for pregnant women)
  • Medicines against diarrhea (Imodium, Ercefuril, Diarced, Smecta))
  • Medicines against vomiting (Primperan)
  • Intestinal antiseptics
  • Antispasmodic (to relieve intestinal pain) Spasfon, Visceralgine
  • Digestive dressings (Maalox, Phosphalugel)
  • Analgesics / antipyretics (aspirin, paracetamol)
  • Antibiotics (Clamoxyl) (note, some antibiotics are not recommended in case of sun exposure: please check with your doctor)
  • Antihistamine (against allergies which can be caused by insect bites) Polaramine
  • Drugs against motion sickness (Nautamine, Scoroderm)

People with a specific disease muniront an actual benefit account, written in English, with a description of their treatment under its International Nonproprietary Name (INN) and contact doctor (useful in case of hospitalization locally).

Take with you leaves prescription opioid drugs and syringes and needles that may be frowned when passing through customs.