The Gulliver Charter

Your choice



Each trip is unique and can be organized in accordance with your own rhythm. This is why Gulliver enables you to travel according to your desires and budget, in a family spirit catering to your personality. Routes and places where you will stay are selected according to your wishes. We do not impose anything on you, but we offer ample suggestions.


Your tastes



Our only creed: your pleasure. Nature, lakes, golden temples, mountains, wild coasts or hidden markets: tell us your wishes, we will satisfy them. With the Gulliver spirit and in the Burmese way, we will help you forge authentic connections with people who live here.





The charm of a trip is dependant on the charm of those who welcome you. Our French and English speaking team live in this country, and most are born here. Our team members are immersed in the Burmese reality, speak the language and have their roots in Burma. To travel with Gulliver, provides you with a unique experience and enables you to make close contact with those who carry Burma in their heart. To better understand and immerse oneself in Burmese culture.






Travelling entails sharing. Gulliver gives generously to the community and we are transparent about these undertakings. We can assist you if you choose to make donations to those in need and allow you to independently control this process.


To forget oneself



When you travel, you lose your social status. You are just a traveller who opens the eyes and the ears to enjoy the beauty of this country and to listen to the secrets that it whispers. A journey back to the essence of life, this is Gulliver’s conception of travelling. We consider you above all, and in the true sense of the term, a traveller.