What to bring?


Make sure you have a small backpack for day trips in which you can carry your camera, water bottles, etc. A money belt for your passport and other valuables is also important.

Make sure you bring the following items: a headlight with spare batteries, a good penknife (don’t carry it in your hand luggage!!!), plastic bags in which to pack your clothing, your toilet bag (it will be difficult to find your usual sanitary products), tissues, good sunglasses, a spare pair of spectacles or contact lenses, a small sewing kit, an adapter for American plugs.


Bring cotton clothing which is light and easy to carry and clean. (loose pants, shirts, dresses or long skirts, short sleeve Tee-shirts, etc) You can also buy a Burmese “longyi” which will cost you only a few euros, you can carry it easily and it is very confortable.

If you plan to travel between November and February or to visit mountainous areas such as Inle Lake or Maymyo, make sure to bring a sweater and a sturdy light jacket. For trips scheduled between May and October, do not forget to take a raincoat or a waterproof jacket for protection.

Do not forget to bring a hat and sun lotion, especially for Inle lake, boat cruises or treks

Bring shoes that are easy to take off because you will often have to enter houses or pagodas. It is preferable to have open shoes such as sandals, to avoid problems caused by heat and moisture. Also carry a pair of tennis shoes or walking boots in case of rain or mud

Avoid wearing shorts or Tee-shirts with thin straps and short dresses or tight-fitting apparel. At the entrance of certain pagodas, you might be asked to cover your shoulders or to wear a longyi if your clothes are not appropriate.