The team


Travellers sent the following letter to a guide after having used the services of Gulliver Travel.

“Thuzar and Hervé met each other in 1992. Thuzar was a personal assistant in the same company as Hervé. She is an accomplished hostess. Together with Hervé, she effectively takes care of the travellers and shares with them her knowledge of the country.

Being very creative, they have a true appreciation of aesthetics and beauty and they know how to design magical trips.

Living in Yangon since 1993, deputy manager in a hotel, Hervé would take some time off to travel with the clients of the hotel. This is how he started to learn about the country. Discovering day after day the culture and way of life of the Burmese, Hervé felt he had to share his passion with others.

He uses his experience to help travellers discover ambiance, human respect, the influence of Buddhism on the way of life, hospitality and joie de vivre of the Burmese. Hervé’s main goal is to share his knowledge and make your trip very special.

Hervé was born in Lorient (Brittany). Before he fell in love with Burma, he worked for a decade in the Paris stock market. In 1994, after some transformations in the company, he decided to create his own business in Asia.”

Our offices :

  • 22 people in Yangon
  • 2 people in Bagan
  • 2 people in Mandalay
  • 3 people in Inle Lake
  • 1 person in Sittwe
  • 1 person in the Golden Triangle
  • 1 person in Moulmein

Without forgetting the drivers, boatmen and other important people in our team Everywhere, our local agents will welcome you with kindness and professionalism. All the destinations we are offering you have been tested many times and have been regularly checked by Thuzar and Hervé and the rest of the team. We will inform you of the inaccessible regions.

Essential assets :

  • Quality of the network of guides, hotels and transportation.
  • Constant assessment of the services offered.
  • Highlighting innovative travel, in a country where mass tourism is still undeveloped. (Though it is beginning)
  • Quick response and ability to listen to the expectations of those we are in contact with.
  • A warm welcome and a will to promote this country as well as is possible.